How to distinguish wood furniture

There are various materials used to hardwood furniture for the house, but did not give more luxury and beauty of wood furniture. There are literally hundreds of different types of wood that can be used for furniture, any other type of texture, color, shape, hardness, markings and personality. You could be a wise decision when you choose wooden furniture. But before you do, you need to know some of the most common woods and their properties.
This wood is a rich dark color is usually reddish brown. Its structure makes it ideal for height if you want an ornate, mahogany would be better. It is not probable, shrinkage and swelling, and last is a long time.

Mahogany furniture is usually of high quality. The wood is heavy and can be white or black and red. There are rings that are visible in the woods and are perfect for coloring with various colors. It is a popular hardwood for furniture because of its rustic appearance. Maple furniture is distinguished by its color. It has a medium hardness, but it is very durable. The wood has a fine texture and even grain. Maple is very flexible and look like furniture manufacturers generally places such as walnut or cherry, which are usually more expensive. The Hague has a medium hardness and is usually pale or light colored. The wood is usually on chairs and stools and a fine grained and dense done.